Thank you Spain..x

(View towards Sacramonte – Front cover taken by T.Tenni)

‘Time ripens all things; no human is born wise.’ –

Miguel De Cervantes..x (Spanish novelist)

Muchos gracias para todo España, para todo y hasta pronto (Ih)..x

What can I say. What can I write. I am truly grateful. To Granada, The light of Andalucía, as S.Nightingale had put it. And put it he did.

After reading his factual pieced novel, based on this part of the region, I can vividly imagine and feel the place with authenticity. Having just recently come back from Andalucía (Southern España), I knew exactly what he meant..x

I now see why the locals would say, that ‘Spain is different.’ And that’s just between their own country about their country without comparing with others.


Not having learnt the Spanish language at my former school to start me off (as it was not an option then), I was always fond of the language. Languages in general, in addition to the culture, the Mediterranean lifestyle and more.

Spanish to me. It sounds familiar, friendly and just generally listening to Spanish music over the past few years always gave me that extra feel of up and at em’ moments, every time haha – thanks to Shakira, J.Lo, Don Omar, Daddy Yankee, Bomba Estereo, J Balvin, Farruko and so on :). I really do get their forever-fiesta-ring culture and ways. Beautiful. And of course, not forgetting through history, partly thanks to C.Columbus, the language is more widely spoken in Latin America (Brazil being the exception) and across the world. Making it more of an advantage to explore and strike comfortably, friendly conversations.

So anyway, this was it, with the cultural immersion, the families and so much more to delve into, I wasn’t there just to teach English, I wasn’t there just to explore the region, I was also to become a student again. And this time, to study abroad. By the Lord’s grace, I was even more excited by it as I was finally able to fully embark upon the native language and its exciting country for a time, until I returned home soon; Thanking the Lord for His perfect timing..x

I studied the Spanish language (A1 course) at the University of Granada, the Centre for Modern Languages department and a very beautiful quarter of Granada; a wonderfully exciting experience I will certainly cherish.

I have certainly learnt so much as we do in our own journey’s and educational pathways. Additionally, I have met the most fascinatingly, inspiring people and fellow class mates from around the world. Alongside the general life experiences you gain, each one of them had really taught me something further. I must admit, even staying with a host family for the first part of my trip was an experience indeed. Not that it was my first time living with host families abroad. It’s always different haha.


I did feel a greater quality of life here. Like many beautiful places around the world, I have learnt that the locals here don’t rush anything. Their mantra is: if something needs doing, it will get done. There’s no need to rush, which makes each passing day pretty meaningful. And I certainly appreciate that. ..x

Another life lesson learnt: never to revolve those busy, stressful working hours around personal life and vice versa; it’s not about what the working hours are like, it’s about what happens around it that makes all the greater difference.

As ultimately, I too believe that Faith, company of family, partner, friends, (+serving neighbours, the poor, the lonely, the needy), our own mental and physical health and sanity are more important than those daily working hours; those working hours that often take over and end up making some of us either forget or abandon everything else in this busy/hectic society, as it is. Just need to get the balance right. Such a valuable lesson..x

A quote that compliments this:

‘Don’t forget to make a life instead of making a living – whilst it is a source of ease, it doesn’t bring greatest happiness or success.’


What can I say…Spain (Andalucían region) was an incredible yet a bizarre experience for me; being able to share such stories and converse about it with my family haha.

Here are some of the snippets experienced by the light of Andalucia

The Spanish families, the slow, laid back lifestyle, the tranquillity, the picturesque views of the mountainous Sierra Nevada, the art, the ceramics, the pomegranate, the tapas, the fresh oranges and orange juices, the paella’s, the coffee’s, the olive oils and the tostadas, the churros, the guitar playing, the hand clapping, their singing with the deep, passionate, flamenco-ing. The people, the locals, the friends, the hiking, the sitting, the chilling, the hidden gems of the Albayzin, with the modern touch, to the exploring of the history, to the Moorish-Arab quarter, the tiles, the calligraphy, to the converted churches, the gardens, The grand beauty of The Alhambra, the quiet, calm carmines, off to the caves of Sacramonte, the gypsy locals, to the lost ruins of the Jew’s. With the not-so-quite siesta’s during the primavera season, the studying, the students, the libraries, the literature, the poems, the fountains, the rivers, and on and on the night goes on until dawn…the way of the Andalusian – Spaniards go. Si, muchos gracias España.

Esta es para ti..x