And away she goes..x

‘Travel brings light and life back to the heart.’


‘Real winners do not compete.’ – S.P

As she goes away, she sees, hears, she smells, tastes and shares the essences of what is unexpectedly given back to her, more than she can even imagine. She says,

“This is what I keep experiencing and reminding of our humble actions; once they meet you, they keep giving so much to you, yet they evidently have little themselves…in fact, they have more than us. They are filled with great simplicity, sincere love, life and such contentment. And they still expect nothing in return from anyone. With open arms, they keep giving, sharing and smiling. They are just…so beautiful.” – Cairo, Egypt – definitely a desert yet bustling style of city with all its remaining treasures and rich ancient history. Its people are the best kept nation.

She goes away from its routines, its sameness, its lifestyles and its difficulties. She goes away from its comfort, its habits, its control and its deceitfulness.

She goes away for its new challenges, for its different perspectives, its greater sense of appreciation, gratitude and peace of mind. She goes away for further knowledge, meanings and understandings. She goes away for its learning, living meeting and sharing. She goes away for many……..x

She goes away for a reason …and yearns to remain away..x

-T ..x