The Teacher

“To teach is to learn about you to help myself help you.” – Tania Tenni Quotes

Not only is the teacher here to teach, but to learn, explore, reflect and grow with you.

Not only is the teacher here to present, but to help you enhance, excel and enjoy your life for you and for your future.

Not only is the teacher a teacher of knowledge and subjects but is here for life skills, build tolerance and respect.

Not only is the teacher here to develop lessons for you, but is here to be your listening ear too.

The teacher is here for you all and for the teacher themselves.

And when it’s completely second nature…then the teacher is a teacher for a reason.

I am Tania Tenni. Qualified ESL Teacher and Lecturer. Private Tutor of Humanity Subjects including Math and Science of all Levels – Tania Tenni Tutors. Zumba Dance Instructor for fun, health, happiness and overall well-being. Current Postgrad student in MSc Psychology. And a little blogger by passion..x


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