Depth ..x

“There is an old-fashioned word for the body of skills that emotional intelligence represents: character.” – D.Golman

As famously quoted by Plato, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…so, what is your depth of it…where and how do you view beauty?

It’s the intelligence for me, the total respect, the goodness, the humour, the fun, the beauty that already shines from the inside out and with all the layers blossoming from within. I don’t care for the quick-witted shallowness so much or all the time. For acquaintances, light-hearted fun is usually where it’s at, yes, that’s beautiful too.

It’s when one cannot control oneself, then one has gotten lost in the waves of strange and uncontrollable emotions. Those emotions that is sometimes abandoned or denied and masked as something… back to shallow waters.

Intelligence overrides such emotion alone. It’s having that strong grasp of emotional intelligence and being able to speak of what’s in the depth of it all. Though, this can only be forwarded with only the like-minded (seek and you will find, and it will find you), not the ones at the surface of it all, because ultimately, they are afraid to. x When you can speak in depth, you’ve cracked the code, you’ve got it. ..x

“Details matter. They create depth, and depth creates authenticity.” – N.Blumenthal

-T ..x

(Spiritual. Knowledgeable. Intelligent. Respectful. Calm. Patient. Intuitive. Humorous. Fun. Beautiful. Trustworthy. Safe. Loyal. Substance. )

“My Lord, increase me in knowledge.” – Quran, 20:114 (Taha)

Details matter. They create depth, and depth creates authenticity.” – N.Blumenthal